Lures of the Liar

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ISBN: 9780974139517
Publisher/Vendor: Power Source Productions
Author/Contributor: David Carrell
Binding: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 210
Age Level: Teen / Young Adult

Are you ready to be challenged? Are you open to learning the truth about the Liar’s lures? Are you willing to be strengthened by God enabling you to stand firm? Then read this book! The Father of Lies wants to lure you into living a life of deceit. The One who is the way, the truth, and the life, your Savior, wants to save you from the Lures of the Liar.

Lures of the Liar will help your teenagers recognize the deceit Satan uses to destroy lives. David Carrell is one of the most interesting authors you will ever find. His stories are great. His application of the text is profound. His understanding of what teens go through is amazing.

David Carrell cared for, challenged, cried with, laughed with, and given himself for young people all of his life. David relates to young people. He has the mind of a young person in exactly the way Jesus describes those who will enter the kingdom of Heaven.

You will enjoy and be challenged by David’s stories. He walks in the rough part of the world and has seen things that most of us can only imagine. David uses stories to introduce you to the story we are all living. Every moment of every day you are faced with making decisions about your own story. The lessons in this book will help you resist the lures.

Youth Director, Personal Defense Sales, Patrolman, Detective, Lawyer, Detective with the Child Abuse Squad and Detective with the Murder Squad are the various employment roles for David. He has served as an assistant to Nashville’s former three-term mayor and three-term US Congressman, Richard Fulton, and traveled statewide with Mayor Fulton on the gubernatorial campaign trail.

David Carrell speaks to the heart. He especially speaks to the hearts of young people. David makes a lesson come alive.

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