Meanwhile Back in the Jungle

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Publisher/Vendor: World Evangelism Publications
Author/Contributor: Donna Horne
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 154
Donna’s book covers early years of mission work in Tanganyika, while their family was young and before they settled in South Africa, the original home of Al Horne, Donna’s missionary husband.

In the introduction to her Tanganyika Tales,” Donna Horne says: “Africa is a magic word with me. Primitive, mysterious, wild and untamed. Her heartbeat is echoed in every thump, thump of the tom-tom. Her continent is shaped like a human skull, and when her bony finger beckons you with the Macedonian call from across the sea, you respond. Like a proud parent, she presents you ‘The Greatest Show on Earth,’ with continuous performances from her wild creatures. Her witchdoctors lure you to their land of mumbo-jumbo, magic spells and witchcraft. Her steamy jungles promise high adventure, and her bush country holds thrills like no other place on earth. Above all, the souls of her tribal people cry out for spiritual help for the dark Continent… Hearing this primitive cry, I wanted to help insure that the warm love and light of the Son of God would shine down upon this benighted and Dark Continent.” -From Meanwhile, Back in the Jungle
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