Providence: The Silent Sovereignty of God

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ISBN: 9780892256495
Publisher/Vendor: Gospel Advocate Company
Author/Contributor: Cecil May, Jr.
Binding: Paperback
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 127
Age Level: Adult

When miracles ceased after the age of Jesus and His apostles, many believed God ceased working in our lives altogether. However, the Bible does not describe our God as distant and uncaring. He promises to answer prayers and to make good of every trial and circumstance in our lives. How can He fulfill such promises unless He continues to work in our lives? The question of how God continues to work — by what means and in what ways — is the perplexing, yet highly important subject Cecil May, Jr. tackles in this book

About the Author

Cecil May, Jr. is dean emeritus of the V.P. Black College of Biblical Studies at Faulkner University. A long-time gospel preacher, May and his wife, Winnie, attend University Church in Montgomery, Alabama, where he serves as an elder.

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