The Duck Commander Collection: The Duck Commander Family / Happy, Happy, Happy / Si-cology 101

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ISBN: 9781476763392
Publisher/Vendor: Howard
Author/Contributor: Various
Binding: Hardcover Set

This special boxed set includes three bestsellers from the stars of the hit A&E(R) program “Duck Dynasty”(R) “The Duck Commander Family,” “Si-Cology,” and “Happy, Happy, Happy.” “The Duck Commander Family”Willie and Korie tell their behind-the-scenes story–a story that’s wrapped in one of their favorite things: food In chapters like “Chicken Strips,” you’ll read how Willie married Korie when she was only eighteen, and in “Duck Gumbo” you’ll see how lessons from his early life set Willie up to be CEO of Duck Commander and Buck Commander. “Si-Cology”Uncle Si shares riotous tales about his colorful life, including his childhood as the youngest Robertson brother, his short stint in college, his days in Vietnam, his passion for hunting, and the stronghold of his faith. In this book, which includes family photos and famous one-liners, Si shares his life in his own quirky style. “Happy, Happy, Happy”In this revealing book, Phil shares fourteen rules for living, including “Don’t let your grandkids grow up to be nerds,” “Never sell yourself short,” and “It’s cheaper to hire your relatives.” You’ll get insights into what made Phil the man he is today and how he answered the call to be a man of faith and ducks.

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