The Man in the Background of the Mirror

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UPC: 9780890988190
ISBN: 9780890988190
Publisher/Vendor: 21st Century Christian Publishing
Publisher/Vendor: 21st Century Christian Publishing
Curriculum Series: The Cornerstone of Our Faith
Author/Contributor: Tommy Brooks
Binding: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 88

The mirror doesn’t lie. It shows us the best and the worst of who we really are. God’s Word is the mirror that allows us to see as God sees. As we are obedient to His Word, we become more and more like the mirror?Jesus Christ. If we truly reflect God’s Word, then His image will be the one that others see when they look at us.

Our Christian walk is a continual process of learning to become more like Christ, and that process will not be complete until we see Christ face-to-face in the mirror of His Word. In this follow-up to Looking at the Man in the Mirror, Tommy Brooks reviews with readers what we must do to obtain the Christ-like spirit we want in our obedience to His Word.

Cornerstone Adult Bible Study Electives:
•Updated — you select and study them on your schedule
•Variety of topics — textual, topical, Old Testament, New Testament
•New studies will be added to the series
•Suitable for lecture, discussion, or individual study
•Authors selected from the best African-American writers in churches of Christ

Table of Contents:
About the Author
How to Use This Study
1 Jesus
2 Jesus — His Mission
3 A Spirit to Serve
4 A Spirit of Meekness
5 A Spirit of Gentleness
6 A Spirit of Humility
7 A Spirit of Forgiveness
8 A Spirit of Unselfishness
9 A Spirit of Kindness
10 A Spirit of Compassion
11 A Spirit of Submission
12 A Spirit Driven by Love
13 A Christ-Like Spirit — A Summary

About the Author:
Brother Tommy Brooks has been a minister for 30 years and is currently the pulpit minister for the church of Christ at Highland Heights in Houston, Texas where he has been since 2007. During his time at the Highland Heights congregation, he has been successful in leading 80-100 people per year to obey the gospel. He regularly conducts workshops and personal evangelism classes to teach his methods for effectively sharing the gospel. He also hosts a nationwide conference call to share the gospel and provide encouraging lessons to promote spiritual development.

Brother Brooks has a strong belief in family and has been happily married to Sharon Brooks for 37 years. They three daughters: Yushekia, Tomekia, and Angela and one son, Thomas. He is also the author of Life Without God Is Meaningless (Ecclesiastes) and Looking at the Man in the Mirror (James) in the Cornerstone series.

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