The Shepherd’s Daughter

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ISBN: 9781945127175
Publisher/Vendor: Publishing Designs Inc
Author/Contributor: Debbie Dupuy
Binding: Paperback

In this in-depth study of the Twenty-Third Psalm, Debbie Dupuy points out that the familiar words of the psalm are often quoted, but how many people really know the Shepherd? Be assured that The Shepherd’s Daughter will help each reader realize the benefits of being His sheep by examining closely the key phrases in Psalm 23. For example, ”I shall not want” means ”My needs are supplied,” and the difference between need and want is scrutinized in the chapter entitled ”Content as His Sheep.”

The Shepherd’s Daughter has already been proven as a topic-in-demand in a university classroom and at various ladies events nationwide. Debbie began to study Psalm 23 during the final three and a half years of her father’s life. Within these pages she shares the life-changing lessons she gained when she began digging deep into her Bible to shed light on the psalm. Do you want the strength, comfort, and love of the Shepherd? Your ladies’ class might need to be challenged to jump into His arms and say with Debbie, ”Oh the benefits of being the Shepherd’s daughter!” (14 chapters with discussion questions and extra study motivation.)

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