The Single Missionary

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Publisher/Vendor: World Evangelism Publications
Author/Contributor: Kevin L. Moore
Binding: Paperback

Kevin has been a full-time missionary since 1987, serving as a single missionary for seven years in Wellington, during which time he obtained New Zealand citizenship and also did short-term mission work in the Philippines, Niue Island, and Cook Islands.

After his marriage in 1995 to Lynn Hibbett, he and Lynn moved to Wanganui New Zealand in 1996 to establish the Lord’s church. This book is the outgrowth of the experience gained during Kevin’s years as a single man on the field.

Chapter titles include “The Case for the Single Missionary”, “Mission Team or Solo”‘, “Single Women on the Mission Field”, “Overcoming Obstacles: Fear and Loneliness”, “Overcoming Obstacles: Temptation and Discouragement”, etc.

Singles who are considering mission work will find this study to be especially useful.

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