The Transforming Word Commentary Series Vol 4: Jesus and the Church (Gospels and Acts)

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ISBN: 9781684260621
Publisher/Vendor: Leafwood Publishers / ACU Press
Author/Contributor: Mark Hamilton, editor
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 288

The life and work of Jesus Christ must not be overlooked.

Born under Roman occupation, Jesus lived his entire life without writing anything down. His earliest followers, the Christians that were shaped by his life and teachings, carefully recorded his words as good news. They also experienced his resurrection and believed that he had entrusted them with a mission to transform the world.

Use Volume 4 of the Transforming Word Series to explore the first five books of the New Testament. Guided by the best of recent scholarship, you can better understand Jesus’s teachings, his call to discipleship, and the nature of the early church.

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