Traveling Toward Transformation

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ISBN: 9780890985496
Publisher/Vendor: 21st Century Christian Publishing
Author/Contributor: Travena Rogan
Binding: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 128

Do you feel far away from God?

Does anger have you acting out?

Is guilt holding you hostage?

Has depression become your best friend?

Do you feel trapped by the problems of life?

Traveling Toward Transformation will lead you on a journey toward peace, contentment, and spiritual renewal. As you develop a daily relationship with God, you will be released from the bondage of guilt, frustration, and distrust. Rest in the confidence of God’s ability, as you wait for His plans to be carried out. Learn how to be honest with yourself and God, to develop a thankful heart, and to know the peacefulness of surrendering to His will. Live with a higher perspective as you practice the power of positive thinking and move toward the life God has carved out just for you.

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