Untying Yesterday’s Knots: Walking with God in Rundown Sneakers

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ISBN: 9780890989418
Publisher/Vendor: 21st Century Christian Publishing
Author/Contributor: Rita Cato Cochrane
Binding: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9 x 0.5


Scripture is full of imperfect people… just like us. They made mistakes. They committed crimes. They broke laws. They often failed miserably. Quite simply, they led imperfect lives, yet God used them anyway to accomplish His perfect work — and He does the same thing with us.

“It might seem the highs and lows of the men and women who live in Scripture have little in common with our modern, fast-food, hurry-up world. However, as we delve into their stories, we discover oh so many ways our lives mimic theirs. Their daily struggles, coupled with their roads to redemption, guide us as we navigate our own paths toward eternity with the Heavenly Father.”

In the second book from Rita Cato Cochrane, Untying Yesterday’s Knots showcases how the mistakes we have all made in our past can continue to trip us up today, just as if our shoelaces were knotted together. We must untie those knots and learn from our mistakes as we view them through the lens of our loving Father.

Table of Contents

Grateful Recognitions
The Knotted-Up Life of Eve: Untangling the “Wants” in Our Lives
The Knotted-Up Life of Hagar: Untangling Our Self-Doubts
The Knotted-Up Lives of Joseph’s Brothers: Untangling Jealousy and Envy
The Knotted-Up Lives of Jochebed and the Midwives: Untangling Our Issues of Courage
The Knotted-Up Life of Reluctantly Submissive Moses: Untangling the Trust Issues in Our Lives
The Knotted-Up Life of Naomi: Untangling Our Seasons of Bitterness
The Knotted-Up Life of a Woman Caught in Naughty Sin: Untangling Our Lives from Sin
The Knotted-Up Life of Thomas: Untangling Our Seasons of Doubt

Rita Cato CochraneAbout the Author
Rita Cato Cochrane is a sought-after women’s speaker, writer, and teacher. She lives with her husband, Mike, in Nashville, Tennessee, where she loves walking and hiking. Rita was raised in a large Christian family where life was never dull!

She skillfully interjects personal and humorous stories from her life into her writing and teaching. Rita is a mother and grandmother and serves as the director of women’s ministry at her home congregation.

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