Wounds Into Scars: Turning Your Sin Wounds into Spiritual Scars

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ISBN: 9780890989388
Publisher/Vendor: 21st Century Christian Publishing
Author/Contributor: Steve Ridgell
Binding: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 152
Subject: Evangelism / Forgiveness

If you’ve ever been in an accident or sustained an injury, then you’ve likely observed your wounds heal over time and eventually turn into scars. Those scars become reminders of your initial injury and implore you to move ahead.

The same is true for the spiritual wounds we suffer. They, too, will heal and be replaced with scars that remind us of a time when we were disobedient and struggling Christians.

Once we have spiritual scars, we are better able to share with others in our circles of influence what we’ve learned in the healing process. As Christians who have made mistakes and been redeemed and forgiven, it’s our spiritual responsibility to show our friends and loved ones how to turn their wounds into scars.

About the Author
Steve has spent most of his life helping others decide to follow Jesus. Known as a gifted storyteller, he uses his sense of humor, enthusiasm, energy, and passion to inspire and motivate believers to be disciple makers and to help non-believers decide to become followers of Jesus. He is a frequent speaker for retreats, seminars, lectureships, and evangelistic campaigns.

He has spent the last 16 years working for Herald of Truth Ministries talking about Jesus and helping others learn to make disciples.

His blog, Ridgell’s Originals, can be found at He also has a popular YouTube channel.

He is the author of Followers Making Followers and Can I Tell You a Story, and co-author with Tim Archer of Letters from the Lamb, Hope for Life, and More Hope for Life. He holds a B.A. in Speech and Bible and an M.A. in Restoration History from Abilene Christian University.

He and his wife, Marsha, enjoy hanging out at their ranch, traveling, and spending time with their kids and five grandkids.

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