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God, Grace, and You

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God, Grace, and You

Have you noticed how much misunderstanding there is about grace? Some believe that salvation is all grace and belief, and they exclude living an obedient life after baptism. Some believe salvation is entirely works-based under the misguided notion that we can somehow earn a spot in heaven. Then there's the truth that lies between the extremes.

"If it weren't for God's grace, there would be no salvation."

In his second release from 21st Century Christian, Steve Cordle addresses the misconceptions and misunderstandings that Christians and non-Christians alike have about grace. Drawing upon Scriptures from Paul's epistles, Cordle helps readers understand grace and its role in salvation.

Table of Contents
  1: Misconceptions Concerning God's Grace
  2: Salvation Is by Grace
  3: Grace Is for Sinners (and We Are All Sinners)
  4: God's Love and Grace for Mankind
  5: The Heart of the Gospel Is Grace
  6: When Grace, Faith, and Action Meet
  7: Grace and Hard Times (or The Foolishness of the Prosperity Gospel)
  8: No Free Lunch
  9: Transforming Grace
10: God, This Might Be of Interest to You
11: Grace: The Foundation for Godly Living
12: The Teachers Get Schooled
13: Night of the Inquirer

About the Author
Born in Montgomery, Alabama and raised in Alaska, Steve Cordle became a Christian in 1985 after studying the Bible with a college roommate. He received his BA in Criminal Justice from the University of Alaska in Fairbanks in 1987 and graduated from the Bear Valley Bible Institute in Denver, Colorado in 1994. Steve has served churches in four states and Canada.

by Steve Cordle
Publisher: 21st Century Christian
Pages: 160
Size: 6 x 9

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