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Late Great Ape Debate, The

Late Great Ape Debate, The

There’s more than one way to address the creation vs. evolution debate. The Late Great Ape Debate takes a postmodern approach to show how the Bible and science can work together, not oppose one another.

The Late Great Ape Debate looks at:
• why evolution is such an emotional issue
• presenting a balanced argument for each of the five viewpoints on evolution
• mistakes Christians have made in the past regarding faith and science
• strengths and weaknesses of the four Christian-based approaches to creation/evolution
• analyzing the “spin” or propaganda of anti-God worldviews

The reader is encouraged to explore what they believe and come to a greater awareness of the wonder of God’s creation.

The accompanying discussion guide is meant for a group setting. This companion to the Late Great Ape Debate is designed to fuel greater interest in science and the Bible through relevant questions and journaling. The highly interactive format allows youth leaders to pick and choose what works best for their groups.

by Bayard Taylor
Publisher: Standard Publishing
Pages: 208
Size: 5.7 X 7.8

Price:  $13.99

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