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If You Give a Boy a Bible

If You Give a Boy a Bible

A fun book with a serious message of how kids can pass along the message of Jesus. Red punch, tubas blasting, and iguanas. While they might seem entirely unrelated to the Bible, this book gathers them together in a way that will have you snickering at every page. An entertaining children's book, If You Give a Boy a Bible will be a delight to both parents and kids. With colorful illustrations and humorous text, Andy Holmes gives the reader an enjoyable look at many familiar Biblical stories. The more serious focus of this book looks at how children can spread the message of Jesus, even at a young age.

? Similar to the best-selling book If You Give a Moose a Muffin
? A light and lively children's book
? Gives kids an important message in a fun way
? Easy to read, delightfully encouraging

Ages: 4 to 8

by Andy Holmes
Publisher: Kregel Publications
Pages: 32
Size: 8.0 x 10.0

Price:  $10.99

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