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The Gospel of John (part 1)

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The Gospel of John (part 1)
FLEX Adult Bible Study Curriculum Series

Each Gospel writer had his own target audience in mind as he recorded the events of the life and ministry of Jesus. John's account was probably the last to be written and differs greatly from the other three Gospels. His focus is on the reasons to believe that Jesus is who He claimed to be.

Philip Eichman examines the first eleven chapters of John in this first volume and shows the uniqueness of this Gospel. He guides the reader to not only understand the Gospel in its historic context, but to also discover its personal implications for today's Christian. You will take a fresh look at God in the flesh ? Jesus Christ ? through the eyes of His best friend.

Table of Contents:
1. The Beginning of the Story
2. The One Who Prepared the Way
3. The First Disciples and the First Miracle
4. The Cleansing of the Temple
5. The Visitor Who Came by Night
6. The Woman at the Well
7. The Healing at the Pool of Bethesda
8. The Miraculous Meal and the Bread of Life
9. The Trouble at the Feast
10. The Light of the World
11. The Man Who Was Born Blind
12. The Sheep Gate and the Good Shepherd
13. The Raising of Lazarus

About the Author:
Philip Eichman has been a teacher most of his adult life. He holds masters and doctoral degrees in biology and was a biology professor for more than thirty years. He also completed master's degrees in Bible and ministry at Harding University and has taught Bible courses in Christian schools and colleges and served as a Bible class teacher and part-time minister. He is now retired and lives with his wife Nancy in South Carolina where he enjoys spending time studying and writing.

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by Philip Eichman
Publisher: 21st Century Christian
Pages: 88
Size: 6 x 9

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