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Women of Action

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Women of Action

There's a reason that every bookstore has a "Do-It-Yourself" section. People everywhere want to be able to pick up an instruction manual, read it, and immediately put into action the task they read about. Whether it's learning a new software program or changing the oil in your car, we've all read a book about how to do something so that we could gain the knowledge necessary to accomplish the task.

Have you ever considered that your Bible is also an instruction manual of sorts? It includes directions and guidance for living a Christian life as well as what to do to live eternally with God. Have you put into action what you've read in the Bible? Are you what James describes as a "doer rather than a hearer of the Word"?

Tassie Smith shows readers how to be Women of Action who not only read the Word but also apply the lessons of Scripture to their own lives. Don't just read the Word; obey the Word and act on the Word every day to live the life you are called to live in Christ.

Table of Contents
CHAPTER 1: The Word of God: A Fool or a Doer
CHAPTER 2: Obedience: A Housekeeper or a Wife
CHAPTER 3: Hospitality: Welcoming the Savior
CHAPTER 4: Generosity: The Gifts of Gratitude
CHAPTER 5: Evangelism: Calling the Unchurched to Christ
CHAPTER 6: Evangelism: The Call of the Church
CHAPTER 7: Encouragement: Confession, Confidence, and Hope
CHAPTER 8: Prayer: A Discipline for Relationship
CHAPTER 9: Prayer: The Power to Change
CHAPTER 10: Crucified: Sin in the Life of a Christian
CHAPTER 11: Relationships: Single, Married, and Single Again
CHAPTER 12: Relationships: The Young, the Aging, and Those in Between
CHAPTER 13: New Creatures: Stripping Off the Past

About the Author
Tassie Smith grew up in East Tennessee and graduated from Harding University. She and her husband, Kevin, served for eight years in China, where she began blogging under the pseudonym "Helene" ( Their family of four is currenlty living and serving the Lord's church in Wyoming. Tassie is involved in the ladies' ministry, teaching ministry, and evangelistic outreach.

by Tassie Helene Smith
Publisher: 21st Century Christian
Pages: 144
Size: 6 x 9

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