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Set Free to Serve God

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Set Free to Serve God

God's Word uses the human institution of slavery to illuminate the insidious nature of sin and His glorious gift of freedom. Understanding slavery from a biblical perspective can help us gain a more important understanding of sin and salvation, strengthening the Christian woman to remain faithful unto death or the return of Christ.

Lisa Ivey Waller draws from biblical passages and American history as she weaves together the story of our redemption through Jesus Christ's death and resurrection. From the law of the Old Testament through the covenant of the New Testament, Waller describes our bondage in sin and our joyous freedom in obedience to God.

Table of Contents
LESSON 1 - Liberty
LESSON 2 - Are You Slave or Free?
LESSON 3 - Entering Slavery: Debt
LESSON 4 - What Is the Price of a Slave?
LESSON 5 - Deliverance of God's People
LESSON 6 - Murmuring in the Wilderness: Neglecting Salvation
LESSON 7 - Year of Jubilee
LESSON 8 - Choose Whom You Will Serve
LESSON 9 - Learning from Captivity
LESSON 10 - Philemon and Onesimus
LESSON 11 - Unfaithful Servants
LESSON 12 - Slave, Servant or Child of God
LESSON 13 - Good and Faithful Slave
LESSON 14 - Obedience with Joy

About the Author
Lisa Ivey Waller has studied and loved God's Word since childhood, blessed by Christian parents and many faithful teachers in the Lord's church. Lisa and Jimmy Waller live in Lexington, Kentucky, and worship with the nearby Berea church of Christ. They have five adult children, two daughters-in-law, and three precious grandchildren. Professionally, Lisa is an educator with degrees in elementary education, special education, and her doctorate in school policy and administration.

by Lisa Ivey Waller
Publisher: 21st Century Christian
Pages: 132
Size: 6 x 9

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