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Courageous Christian Women

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Courageous Christian Women

Do you remember a world where prayers at football games and graduations were not a problem? Do you remember when most boys wanted to grow up, get an education and a job, marry a woman, have children and be a husband and father? Do you remember when most girls wanted to grow up, get an education and a job, but also wanted to marry a man and be a wife and mother?

How did everything get so crazy? This study looks back at 160 years of American culture to search for the answer. True solutions lie in the hearts and lives of Christians. However, we must be courageous enough to allow the Sword of the Spirit to reach into our hearts, correct our flaws, and strengthen us to live deliberate, rededicated lives for Christ. We must find the courage to live our faith, use our talents to positively affect our homes, congregations, and communities, and lead searching souls to the truth of the gospel.

This book is the "real deal." Teresa does not hold back in presenting to women what living the Christian life in today's culture is all about. Through Scripture, research, and experience she gives us insight into how God wants us to behave in all aspects of our lives. Christian women are encouraged to stand up and be courageous with the knowledge that they are not alone. This most relevant, thought-provoking, meaty, and practical book is a must read!

Mary Jo White
Wasatch church of Christ, Clearfield, Utah

Table of Contents
?1?Courage to Consider the Problem
?2?From Christian Culture to Counter-Culture
?3?The Feminist Mistake
?4?Source of Solutions (Part 1): The Authority of God
?5?Source of Solutions (Part 2): Valuing Human Life
?6?Finding Courage (Part 1): Our Weakness, God's Strength
?7?Finding Courage (Part 2): The Surrender & Power of Prayer
?8?Courage in Marriage: Choose to Submit to Your Husband
?9?Courage as Mothers: Choose to Train Your Children
10?Courage in the Church (Part 1): Choose to Love Your Brothers and Sisters
11?Courage in the Church (Part 2): Choose to Embrace Your Place
12?Jesus, Hope of the Courageous

by Teresa Strickler
Publisher: 21st Century Christian
Pages: 176
Size: 6 x 9

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