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27 Books in Thirteen Weeks: A Survey of the New Testament

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27 Books in Thirteen Weeks: A Survey of the New Testament

Twenty-seven Books in Thirteen Weeks provides an easy-to-use framework for getting an overview of the New Testament and its major characters. It includes:

  • a study guide for the New Testament
  • main characters in the New Testament
  • the relationship and chronology of the New Testament books
  • application of New Testament stories
  • a plan for student participation
  • fact, thought, and discussion questions
  • the geography of the times

Table of Contents
Format of the Lessons
1: Introduction to the New Testament Books
2: Birth and Early Life of Jesus
3: Teachings of Jesus
4: Parables and Miracles
5: Death, Resurrection, and Ascension of Jesus
6: Acts: The Early Church (Acts 1-8)
7: Acts: Converting the Lost (Acts 9-12)
8: Acts: Three Missionary Journeys (Acts 13-22)
9: Acts: Paul's Trials & Journey to Rome (Acts 23-28)
10: Epistles (Romans-Ephesians)
11: Epistles (Philippians-Titus)
12: Epistles (Philemon-Revelation)
13: Review

About the Author
Sue Crabtree: BS (Education), M.Ed. (Education), BS and MS (Bible), MS (Counseling). Crabtree taught Bible and education at Faulkner University for thiry years. She has taught Bible classes for adults and children in the church for fifty years and brings her expertise in teaching to this book. She is married to Dr. James Crabtree, and they work with the Inner City Church of Christ in Montgomery, Alabama. Sue has written two other books: 4,000 Years in Thirteen Weeks (a survey of the Old Testment published by 21st Century Christian), and Let's Be Great Teachers (a manual for teachers of children published by 21st Century Christian).

by Sue Crabtree
Publisher: 21st Century Christian
Pages: 126
Size: 6 x 9

Price:  $10.99

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