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Baptism:  The Believer's Wedding Ceremony (Revised)

Baptism: The Believer's Wedding Ceremony (Revised)

Drawing from the biblical picture of the church as the bride of Christ, F. LaGard Smith presents baptism as the believer’s wedding ceremony with Christ. The result is a sublime view of baptism far surpassing traditional notions of dutiful obedience and magic-like ideas of baptismal regeneration. Through the wedding analogy, baptism is elevate to a personal proclamation of love and loyalty through which true spiritual conversion is given meaning and vitality.

Baptism: The Believer's Wedding Ceremony is the most compelling book on the subject of baptism in recent years. More important, its sobering message about the crying need for personal faith and commitment provides the key for re-establishing a vibrant church in our time.

Table of Contents:
1. Meaning From Murky Waters
2. The Wedding Ceremony of Baptism
3. A Resplendent Wedding
4. What's in a Marriage?
5. How Essential Is the Ceremony?
6. Can the Ceremony Be Delayed?
7. Will Just Any Ceremony Do?
8. The Union of Two Spirits
9. Infant Baptism – A Shotgun Wedding?
10. Infant Baptism – An Arrange Marriage?
11. Baptism – A Surprise Villain
12. When the Marriage Falters
13. Suppose There Is No Ceremony
14. Reason for Concern

About the Author:
Author and professor F. La Gard Smith continues to prompt our thinking as in his previous books: The Cultural Church ; Male Spiritual Leadership ; Baptism – The Believer's Wedding Ceremony ; Radical Restoration ; After Life ; Troubling Questions for Calvinists ; Angels, Demons, and the Devil. Smith is also the compiler and narrator of the best-selling The Daily Bible – the NIV in chronological order.

by F. LaGard Smith
Publisher: Cotswold Publications
Pages: 218
Size: 6 x 9

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