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Radical Restoration (Revised)

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Radical Restoration (Revised)

In his challenge to the church, Smith calls for a throwing off of the denominational thinking which obscures our historic commitment to biblical restoration, and prompts us to consider how wonderfully revitalizing might be.

What would it be like if we radically restored first-century faith and practice in our own time and culture?

A Time to Ask Tough Questions
•  Churches of Christ…Truly non-denominational?
•  Elders…Teaching shepherds or board of directors?
•  Pulpit ministers…Evangelists or one-man bands?
•  Youth ministries…God’s gift to teens or opt-out for parents?
•  Lord’s Supper…Memorial meal or miniaturized substitute?
•  Gathered worship…Mutual participants or a spectator audience?
•  Christian lifestyle…Sold out for Christ or bought out by culture?

“The call for radical restoration is a call to throw off the denominational thinking which obscures our historic commitment to biblical restoration, and to consider how wonderfully revitalizing true restoration might be.”

Back to the Future...
A Primitive Church for the 21st Century
•  Vibrant small group fellowships
•  Weekly love feasts
•  Informal, spontaneous, mutual ministry in worship
•  Radically-motivated, counter-culture disciples of Christ

About the Author
F. LaGard Smith is the author of over 25 books, ranging from devotionals to doctrinal discussions to commentaries on current legal and social issues. He is perhaps best known as the compiler and narrator of The Daily Bible, the NIV in chronological order. Smith has been a life-long educator in both graduate law programs and undergraduate studies, and is a frequent guest lecturer and Bible teacher.

13 Chapters

by F. LaGard Smith
Publisher: Cotswold Publications
Size: 6 x 9

Price:  $14.99

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