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Circles of Fellowship:  Responding to the Crisis of Christian Identity

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Circles of Fellowship: Responding to the Crisis of Christian Identity

A Reprise of Who Is My Brother?


A quiet revolution is taking place among the churches of Christ, raising troubling questions about identity and fellowship.

"Never before in the history of the restoration movement has so dramatic a change occurred in such short a time with such little opposition."

Is baptism essential for forgiveness and salvation?

How should we regard believers whose doctrine is different?

Can there be Christian unity without compromising truth?

For a younger audience who may have missed Who Is My Brother?, Smith proposes a comprehensive five-fold fellowship:

Universal Fellowship (The Family of Man)
Faith Fellowship (Like Family)
"In Christ" Fellowship (The Extended Family)
Conscience Fellowship (Close Family)
Congregational Fellowship (Immediate Family)

Table of Contents:
Part I: The Quiet Revolution
  1. A Clear and Present Danger
  2. The Ghost of Faith-Only Arguments Past
  3. Not By Overnight Express
  4. Uncommon Common Cause
Part II: Five-fold Fellowship
  5. Universal Fellowship: The Family of Man
  6. Faith Fellowship: Like Family
  7. "In Christ" Fellowship: The Extended Family
  8. Conscience Fellowship: Close Family
  9. Congregational Fellowship: Immediate Family
Part III: Rethinking Sacred Cows
 10. The Loving Discipline of Disfellowship
 11. False Teachers or False Teaching?
 12. The Prospect of Eternal Fellowship
Discussion Questions

About the Author:
Author and professor F. LaGard Smith continues to prompt our thinking as in his previous books: The Cultural Church ; Male Spiritual Leadership ; Baptism—The Believer's Wedding Ceremony ; Radical Restoration ; After Life ; Troubling Questions for Calvinists ; Angels, Demons, and the Devil. Smith is also the compiler and narrator of the best-selling The Daily Bible — the NIV in chronological order.

by F. LaGard Smith
Publisher: Cotswold Publications
Pages: 200
Size: 6 x 9

Price:  $12.99

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