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A Nation on the Way Down (sc)

A Nation on the Way Down (sc)

Examine some of the illustrations given in the Bible of departure from God's original plan of monogamy and the resultant jealousy and confusion—Abraham (Gen. 16:4-6), Jacob (Gen. 29-32), and David (I Sam. 11-21).

Consider the meaning of the New Testament teaching concerning the church as the bride of Christ. What obligations does this relationship place upon the individual believer? Would a clearer understanding of the sacred relationship between God and his people strengthen marriage ties and deepen conviction concerning the permanence of marriage? Does this seem to you to suggest the thought that, in a Christian marriage, the relationship between man and wife is meant to be a demonstration to the world of the mutual love between Christ and his church?

Marriage is a divinely planned relationship. It is the first institution. Marriage is a pure relationship. Man and woman were made one for the other. Absolute loyalty sanctifies their relationship. Impurity comes only in the intrusion of a third party. Marriage is a personal relationship. It constitutes the most personal of all the relationships of life. It involves just two people who agree to become one in sharing every area of their lives. Marriage is a permanent relationship. Sin, and sin alone, breaks it and destroys its permanence. In God's original purpose only death was to sever its ties.

About the Author
Loretta Andrews has always been a spiritually minded person. While growing up she would gather loads of children up when it was time to go to church. She was a pianist from the age of twelve until she was twenty years old. She is married to the same man for forty-nine years; they had two children, four granddaughters, and one great-grandson. She currently lives in Huntsville, Texas.

by Loretta Andrews
Publisher: WestBow Press
Pages: 122
Size: 6 x 9

Price:  $11.95

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