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Worthy of Her Trust

Worthy of Her Trust

Few challenges in life are as difficult as regaining a wife's trust?and few are as ultimately worthwhile. Trust can be rebuilt in your marriage! With patient, loving, self-sacrificing effort, it's possible that one day your wife will risk her heart with you again. And she may even have more respect and love for you than before.

In Worthy of Her Trust, Jason Martinkus relates how he repaired his own marriage after revelations of sexual addiction. Along with Stephen Arterburn, Jason offers exercises and tools rooted in counseling principles to help your marriage begin again. This comprehensive guide discusses:

How to be truly and effectively transparent

Combating the ?he must not love me? myth and other untruths

What to do about the Internet, office temptations, and travel

Encouragement for wives who wonder if trust can ever be restored

The ?five-minute phone call? and other daily trust-building strategies

What meaningful forgiveness and restitution look like

The Amends Matrix?a concrete exercise to admit past wrongs and cast a vision for a faithful future

Including insights from Jason's wife, Shelley, Worthy of Her Trust guides you through the process of rebuilding your relationship so it is stronger than ever.

by Stephen Arterburn & Jason B. Martinkus
Publisher: Waterbrook Press
Pages: 224

Price:  $14.99

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