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The Dawn of Belief

The Dawn of Belief

We are living in an age of unbelief. Evolution is promoted as a fact. When one goes to a national park and reads information about the formation of the earth's terrain, or when he hears a lecture and sees a film about the park, again he will hear the explanation that millions of years were consumed in the forming of the earth and the universe. Nothing is ever said about the possibility that God spoke these things into existence. The result is that many have an emptiness or a void that things and activities cannot fulfill. He is thus driven to belief in something that is beyond the secular, beyond the material world.

This book will add supportive evidence to your belief in the God of the Bible. It will challenge your thinking and enhance your fundamental evidences for belief in the one, true God of the Bible. Some chapter headings are: The Existence of God; The Problem of Evil and Suffering; Problems for Atheistic Evolutionists; The Genesis Flood; Dating Ancient Things; Archaeology and the Bible; The Resurrection of Jesus, and The Historical Jesus.

by Roger E. Dickson
Publisher: World Evangelism Publications

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