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The Mystery of Christ (CD-ROM)<br>NON-RETURNABLE

The Mystery of Christ (CD-ROM)

Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to share God's word! This material will help your little G.P.I.’s (God’s Private Investigators), investigate the mystery of Christ’s birth, life, death, and finally solve “The Mystery of Christ!”
Lesson 1: "The Mystery of Christ's Birth"
Lesson 2: "The Mystery of Christ's Life"
Lesson 3: "The Mystery of Christ's Death"
Lesson 4: Our Mission

This material contains four lessons with a creative and fresh approach that teachers will find helpful in applying to children of all ages. Each lesson contains talking points about the day’s Yee-Haw Junction puppet skit and makes an application from the day’s Bible story. The discussion questions and interaction with Bible characters allow each teacher to use this material as is or as a guide in designing their class.

These CD-ROMS come with everything you'll need to conduct a successful VBS!
•Puppet Skits
•Supply List
•Hints & Tips
•Decorating Ideas
•Promotional Art
•Name Tags

Formatted for Windows & Mac. Reproducible.


Publisher: Little Acorn, LLC

Price:  $99.00


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