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<em>Excavate</em> Starter Kit<br>Vacation Bible School

Excavate Starter Kit
Vacation Bible School

"... for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart"
                               — (1 Samuel 16:7, NKJV)

Take a trip to an ARCHAEOLOGICAL DIG with Professor Carver Stone; his daughter, Ella; his research assistant, Fiona; and her younger brother, Finn as they discover AMAZING TREASURES! These aren't the treasures you would find in a museum; they're more valuable than anything else ever unearthed. As you DIG INTO SCRIPTURE, you'll find that what's on the inside where Jesus looks is much more beautiful that what man sees on the outside. Join us as we
Excavate will help children:

  • Explore the excitement of leading others to a relationship with Jesus
  • Understand their responsibility to brush away the rubble and be the treasure God intends them to be
  • Discover that Bible school can be fun
Excavate includes:
  • Promotional ideas, classroom decorations, lesson-related crafts, fun skits, and activities
  • VBS theme song on an a cappella CD
  • Creative decoration and snack ideas on Pinterest
  • Adult lessons by Michael Brown, Westview church of Christ, Huntsville, Alabama

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Five Lessons:

Treasure 1:   Dedication
   Bible Text: Luke 5:1-11, Matthew 5:6

Treasure 2:   Repentance
   Bible Text: Luke 7:36-50, Matthew 5:4

Treasure 3:   Humility
   Bible Text: Luke 9:46-48, Matthew 5:5

Treasure 4:   Mercy
   Bible Text: Luke 10:25-37, Matthew 5:7

Treasure 5:   Generosity
   Bible Text: Luke 20:45-21:4, Matthew 5:3

The Starter Kit contains one Director Manual, one Adult Manual, six Teacher Manuals (one for each age level), six Student Manuals (one for each age level), plus many samples and reproducible items in a reusable plastic project case.

Note:  VBS kits purchased for review purposes must be returned within 30 days of the invoice date or by June 30, 2018 (whichever comes first) in order to be eligible for return credit.

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VBS Starter Kit
Publisher: Promise Publishing VBS 2018

Price:  $54.99


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