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Following Jesus

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Following Jesus
The Cornerstone of Our Faith

Do you want to be a leader? Do you want people to respect you and follow when you call? Michael Brown shows us that we become leaders in many of the same ways that Jesus became a leader. Jesus followed His Father in total obedience; we too must learn to obediently follow Jesus.

As we focus on Jesus in His everyday life on earth, we discover patterns and actions that should be a part of our lives as well. Following in His steps helps us to become what He has called us to be ? disciples.

Table of Contents:
?About the Author
?How to Use This Study
1. The Person of Jesus
2. Controversies Over Jesus
3. Accepting Radical Discipleship
4. Rejecting Radical Discipleship
5. Following Jesus in Obedience
6. Following Jesus in Moral Living
7. Following Jesus in Suffering
8. Following Jesus in Temptation
9. Following Jesus in Death
?10. Following Jesus in Resurrection
?11. Following Jesus in Glory
?12. Following Jesus in a Philosophical World
?13. Following Jesus in a Religiously Pluralistic World

About the Author:
Michael Brown serves as the Senior Evangelist for the Westview church of Christ in Huntsville, Alabama. He is a native of Trenton, New Jersey and has served the church in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Tennessee, and Alabama. He has authored several books (Faithful Legacy, Get Thine House in Order, and In Search of the Narrow Way) and a previous Cornerstone book, Life in the Holy Spirit. Brother Brown holds a Master of Religion and a Master of Divinity from Lipscomb University as well as a Doctorate from Harding School of Theology. He also serves as Senior Software Consultant for Marshall Space Flight Center (NASA) in Huntsville.

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by Michael Brown
Publisher: 21st Century Christian
Pages: 88
Size: 6 x 9

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