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Exodus:  Lessons As You Leave

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Exodus: Lessons As You Leave
Going Forth Series

Carrying a heavy load? Weighed down by that load but justifying that you need to lug it around for the greater good? Ever feel crushed under the weight of it all? You aren't alone.

The nation of Israel felt that way, too. They had suffered under the weight of abuses for many years and wanted deliverance. They found it when they left. Though it's antithetical to your natural inclinations, you can make a getaway just like the nation of Israel. Leave behind your burdens. Leave behind your sin. Plan your own exodus.

Just as long as you keep your eyes on God, you'll know where you must go. Read His signs. Follow His directions. He is with you as you journey on.

Table of Contents
Session 1: God Won't Leave You Out in the Cold
LIFE LESSON 1: Your enemy wants to destroy you.
LIFE LESSON 2: God hears your groaning.
LIFE LESSON 3: God doesn't work within the limits we set for Him.
Session 2: God Leaves Nothing to Chance
LIFE LESSON 4: God expects your complete obedience.
LIFE LESSON 5: Things might get worse before they get better.
LIFE LESSON 6: God is the Lord. Enough said.
Session 3: God Won't Leave You for Dead
LIFE LESSON 7: Deliverance begins with water and blood.
LIFE LESSON 8: Deliverance stinks.
LIFE LESSON 9: Warning comes before destruction.
Session 4: God Always Leaves an Impression
LIFE LESSON 10: There is no darkness like darkness without God.
LIFE LESSON 11: God distinguishes between the sacred and the secular.
LIFE LESSON 12: Remember the Lord's goodness. Always.
Session 5: God Will Never Leave You Behind
LIFE LESSON 13: God may lead you out the long way.
LIFE LESSON 14: God fights for you.
LIFE LESSON 15: It's time to rejoice!
LIFE LESSON 16: You need God?every day.
LIFE LESSON 17: We must support fellow Christians in battle.
Session 6: God Leaves Little to the Imagination
LIFE LESSON 18: Honor counsel from the wise.
LIFE LESSON 19: Sometimes He comes in the clouds.
LIFE LESSON 20: There are rules for holy living.
Session 7: God Won't Leave Us to Our Own Devices
LIFE LESSON 21: How you treat people matters.
LIFE LESSON 22: Right is right.
LIFE LESSON 23: Baby steps aren't "maybe" steps.
LIFE LESSON 24: Come up to the Lord.
Session 8: God Will Never Leave You Alone in the Dark
LIFE LESSON 25: Let the Lord come to you.
LIFE LESSON 26: God is holier than our holiest holy.
LIFE LESSON 27: He never sleeps.
Session 9: God Will Finish His Work in You
LIFE LESSON 28: God's judgment of your sin is not optional.
LIFE LESSON 29: ...because He couldn't bear to be apart from you.
LIFE LESSON 30: Your gifts to the Lord are precious to Him.
LIFE LESSON 31: God has equipped you for His work.
Session 10: God Leaves No Stone Unturned
LIFE LESSON 32: You don't need a cow.
LIFE LESSON 33: God is protecting you.
LIFE LESSON 34: This is your God!
Session 11: God Leaves Nothing to Be Desired
LIFE LESSON 35: Be a giver.
LIFE LESSON 36: We don't get to make the rules for worship?or add to them.
Session 12: God Won't Leave You Hanging
LIFE LESSON 37: He offers you mercy.
LIFE LESSON 38: You have a place.
Session 13: God Won't Leave You High and Dry
LIFE LESSON 39: Obedience to God brings blessings.
LIFE LESSON 40: Here's your sign.
Map of the Exodus

Other Titles in the Going Forth Series
Genesis: Blessings as You Begin
Leviticus: Directions As You Decide

About the Author
Dr. Carren Marvin is a teacher, scholar, speaker, and writer who is passionate about God's Word. Married to Dr. Stephen Marvin, she enjoys reading, scrapbooking, traveling with her family, and loving on her two Devon Rex cats. Carren and her husband live in the Memphis, Tennessee area with their two sons.

by Dr. Carren Marvin
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