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God's Love Story Campaign Kit

God's Love Story Campaign Kit
God's Love Story Study Series

The Heart of God's Plan for Mankind

God's Love Story is the sweeping account of God's compassionate attempt to rescue lost and hurting people. A condensed, chronological version of the Bible, this new resource highlights the grand story of God's love for mankind throughout the ages. Major Bible characters and events unfold in easy-to-understand, 39-chapter segments, which read like a novel and are designed for church-wide study.

Your congregation will get a fresh look at the heart of God from Genesis to Revelation in God's Love Story. Developed by Brian Dowler and a team of faithful members of the Lord's church, God's Love Story includes biblical text that shares with readers the inspired story of mankind from lost to found, from defiled to redeemed, from temporal to eternal. Dowler adds just enough connecting material to help weave God's unfolding story of love into a gripping drama of rescue and redemption.

The Campaign Kit includes everything a church needs to plan, customize, and execute a successful, church-wide campaign using God's Love Story materials.

This printable CD contains:
guidelines and suggestions for campaign implementation
digital artwork for 3 styles of advertising banners
digital artwork for 39 weekly color posters
digital artwork for advertising postcards
digital artwork door hangers
digital artwork for God's Love Story business cards
digital artwork for flyers
template for newspaper ads

Sample Files
Poster Samples
Banner Sample
Banner Sample
Banner Sample

These materials were designed and developed by the author of God's Love Story, Brian Dowler.

Go to the God's Love Story Web Page to find more information on the entire series.

by Brian Dowler, editor
Reproducible CD-ROM 2-Disc Set
Publisher: 21st Century Christian
Size: 5.375 x 7.5 x 0.5

Price:  $19.99

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