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Known Intimately, Loved Ultimately<br>(Vol 1 - The Assyrian Period)<br>God's Pursuit of His People Through the Twelve Prophets

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Known Intimately, Loved Ultimately
(Vol 1 - The Assyrian Period)
God's Pursuit of His People Through the Twelve Prophets

An invasion of locusts, three days in a huge fish, a good marriage gone bad ...

... are just a few of the things you’ll find in the eighth-century prophets (Hosea, Joel, Amos, Jonah, and Micah). They deal with religious formalism, oppression of the poor, and what God really wants from His people. Most of all, they reveal a God who is not willing to give up on His purposes for them or the rest of the world.

This is the first volume of a two-volume work on what Israel and the early church referred to as the Twelve Prophets. We know them as the Minor Prophets, and they have some major truths for our lives today. This book can help you explore their richness and depth.

Table of Contents
Part One: The Assyrian Period (782-700 BC)
   Stepping into the Story
   Where All Life Begins
   Hosea and Mercy
   Hosea's Heart for God
   Knowing God
   Judgment and the Love of God
   The Hard Work of the Heart
   Losing Your Way
   In God We Trust
   Learning from the Locusts
   Would God Do That?
   Joel and the Day of the Lord (1)
   Joel and the Day of the Lord (2)
   Grace and Gratitude
   The God Who Roars
   Made for Better Things
   Functional Faith and Spiritual Lunacy
   Seek Me and Live
   Pictures and Principles
   A Better Day is Coming (1)
   A Better Day is Coming (2)
   The Dangerous Book
   Jonah and the Big "Never"
   Reflections from the East Side of Nineveh
   The God Who Believes in Man
   The God Who Pursues People
   Heading to Nineveh
   Jesus & Jonah, Israel & Nineveh
   Rolling in the Dust
   Because I Can
   Straight Speech
   The King Who Is Like No Other (1)
   The King Who Is Like No Other (2)
   A Clear View of God
   Something to Think About
Selected Bibliography and Websites

Also available, Vol 2 - The Babylonian Period

About the Author
Bruce Green grew up in what was then the small town of Madison, Alabama—among cotton fields, red clay, and the aerospace industry. He is married to Janice, and they have three children and five grandchildren. They make their home in Opelika, Alabama, where he works with the 10th Street Church of Christ.

by Bruce Green
Publisher: 21st Century Christian
Pages: 152
Size: 6 x 9

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