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Genesis: Blessings as You Begin

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Genesis: Blessings as You Begin
Going Forth Series

Aren't beginnings exciting... and a bit terrifying? Starting a new job. Moving to a different city. Becoming a parent. All these events, and a host of others, make us feel eager, thrilled... and possibly nauseated.

The Book of Genesis is all about beginnings. Throughout those beginnings are innumerable blessings: some welcomed; others resisted. Genesis reminds us that blessings persist in spite of hardships, and many times, the blessing is the hardship.

Dr. Carren Marvin, in her second book of the Going Forth series, which explores the Pentateuch, the first five books of the Bible, gives readers a glimpse into God's beginnings and a reminder that He is the God of all their beginnings, too.

Table of Contents
LESSON 1 The Blessing of Creation:
A Close-up of God (Genesis 1-2)
LESSON 2 The Blessing of Fellowship:
Close-up of Adam (Genesis 3-5)
LESSON 3 The Blessing of Salvation:
A Close-up of Noah (Genesis 6-11)
LESSON 4 The Blessing of Heritage:
A Close-up of Abraham (Genesis 12-20)
LESSON 5 The Blessing of Provision:
A Close-up of Isaac (Genesis 21-26)
LESSON 6 The Blessing of Favor:
A Close-up of Jacob (Genesis 27-33)
LESSON 7 The Blessing of Calling:
A Close-up of the Sons of Israel (Genesis 34-38)
LESSON 8 The Blessing of Providence:
A Close-up of Joseph (Genesis 39-50)

LESSON 9 The Blessing of Vulnerability:
A Close-up of Eve (Genesis 1-3)
LESSON 10 The Blessing of Delays:
A Close-up of Sarah (Genesis 16)
LESSON 11 The Blessing of Relocation:
A Close-up of Rebekah (Genesis 24-25)
LESSON 12 The Blessing of Flaws:
A Close-up of Leah (Genesis 29-30)
LESSON 13 The Blessing of Lack:
A Close-up of Rachel (Genesis 29-30)


Other Titles in the Going Forth Series
Exodus: Lessons As You Leave
Leviticus: Directions As You Decide

About the Author
Dr. Carren Marvin is a teacher, scholar, speaker, and writer who is passionate about God's Word. Married to Dr. Stephen Marvin, she enjoys reading, scrapbooking, traveling with her family, and loving on her three Devon Rex cats. Carren and her husband live in the Memphis, Tennessee area with their two sons.

by Dr. Carren Marvin
Publisher: 21st Century Christian
Pages: 196
Size: 8 x 10

Price:  $14.99

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