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An Angel's View

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An Angel's View

Throughout time, people have had a fascination with angels. Popular culture has often shaped our beliefs and preconceptions about these supernatural beings. Do they have wings, wear halos, and play harps? Are they men or women, and what is their purpose? Do they serve as guardians, protecting us from harm and evil? But how much of what we know and believe about angels is based on the Bible?

Combining a deep knowledge of Scripture with personal experiences from his 31-year career at NASA, Mike O’Neal offers fresh and unique insights into the stories of God’s angels. As eyewitnesses to God’s glorious nature, these mysterious beings serve to inform us about His holiness, love, justice, and sovereignty. Angels never point to themselves, but draw the men and women they encounter to their mighty Creator and His Son. Questions found at the end of each chapter allow for personal reflection or easy discussion in a Bible class or group setting.

Mike O'Neal brings together the analytical gifts of a NASA engineer, the heart of a servant of Christ, and the rich experiences of someone who has integrated his faith with life experiences into a study that enriches your relationship with God. The informative explanatory boxes and study questions reflect careful research. His own stories make it very readable and interesting. The thematic approach provides opportunities for discussion and application that will richly bless your spiritual life.

Evertt W. Huffard, VP/Dean
Harding University Graduate School of Religion

The Biblical material on angels is like a patchwork quilt. We get one piece here, another there, and on it goes. We end up with material of different shapes and colors. How does it all fit together? Popular culture often reduces the teaching on angels to a cute creature with wings that sits on our shoulder. An Angel’s View raises the teaching on angels to a new level of divine beings that serve God and point us to Him. O'Neal makes it all fit together.

Dr. James E. Moore, President
Christian Home & Bible School

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by Mike O’Neal
Publisher: 21st Century Christian
Pages: 240
Size: 6 x 9

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