Want to Grow Closer to Jesus? These Studies Can Help!

If your relationship with Jesus feels rocky, you may not know where to turn to get it smoothed out and back on track. We’ve all been there. We understand and know how to help. In fact, a few Bible studies come to mind, and we’d love for you to add them to your personal faith library.

For a limited time, you can order The Jesus Touch, Encounter Jesus, and Road to the Upper Room at 50% off their respective cover prices. Each book will encourage and challenge you to draw closer to the Savior. Want to learn more? Keep reading.

The Jesus Touch
When God became flesh in the form of His Son, Jesus, He came, not just to teach, but to touch. He came not just to heal, but to hold. Jesus touched the lives of the people He met, and every touch made a difference. His touch transformed lives.

Encounter Jesus
One of the greatest dangers of having known Jesus since our childhood is that we might fail to recognize His personal call on our lives. We can see what He’s telling others to do; we struggle to hear Him making any demands on our lives. Sometimes, familiarity breeds apathy.
     Encounter Jesus challenges you to let the familiar words of Jesus mold your lives in a personal way. It is a call to repentance aimed at those who have heard Jesus’ call without taking appropriate action. It is about a fresh encounter with Jesus.

Road to the Upper Room
“Feel the tension build as Jesus walks the road to Jerusalem for the final time.” Step back in time and enter the dramatic events that led to the crucifixion of Jesus. All four Gospel narratives are skillfully woven together in this narrative that takes readers through the biblical accounts without embellishment or fictionalizing of the truth of Jesus’ sacrifice.

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