Am I Ready to be Baptized?

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ISBN: PHP030976214016
Publisher/Vendor: Peaceful House Publishing
Author/Contributor: Kyle Butt and John Farber
Binding: Paperback

The dream of every Christian parent is to one day see his or her child mature to the point of becoming a Christian. Training up a child in the way he should go certainly is no easy task. In fact, it ranks among the most difficult missions this side of eternity. One of the most difficult aspects of this job is knowing when your child is ready to take responsibility for his or her soul by being baptized and becoming a Christian.

As a concerned parent, you probably have been over the scenarios in your mind a hundred times. You know that you do not want to turn your children away from God by denying them the opportunity to become a Christian when they are ready. You also know, however, that if the decision is made too early, when the child is not ready, that could potentially be just as detrimental. How old does a child need to be to be a candidate for baptism? When will your child be ready?

In truth, every child is different. There is no magic age like 12 or 13 when a child suddenly graduates into maturity. For some it is sooner, for others it is later. And, just like there is no magic age, neither is there a mathematical formula to apply to be sure that you make the right decision.

This book, therefore, is written to help you ask your child some of the vital questions involved in becoming a Christian. There is no substitute for godly parents who are bringing their children up in the nurture and admonish of the Lord. This book, however, can be a valuable resource that can be used to open up dialog between the parent and child. Written and illustrated in a style that maturing children can understand and appreciate, this book forces its young readers to ask themselves some really tough questions. In the process, it supplies the reader with the crucial biblical knowledge needed to become a child of God.

In the end, everyone involved benefits. Parents, guardians, grandparents, preachers, and elders can supply their young people with a penetrating resource that equips the young readers with the knowledge they need to know in order to answer the question, “Am I ready to be baptized?”

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