Bible Index Tabs – Multi-Color Coded

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Publisher/Vendor: Christian Art Gifts, Inc.

The Perfect Bible Study Tool Accessory

Made from quality, durable paper, these multicolored Bible index tabs are great for helping you stay more organized as you navigate God’s Word. Each easy to read tab is self adhesive and sticks firmly to your Bible’s pages without any tearing. This book indexing tab set includes all 66 Bible books, and 36 additional stickers to highlight, bookmark and save your favorite spots in your journaling, coloring, note taking or study Bible.

Divided into Nine Color-Coded Categories for Easy Reference: Every easy read tab features each book’s name centered in a large bold white font. The color-coded index tab set features the following categories: Biblical Law, History, Wisdom, Major Prophets, Minor Prophets, Gospels, Book of Acts, Letters to the Epistles, and Revelation Prophecy. All identified by unique colors for easy reference: burgundy, orange, mustard yellow, sage green, dark teal, navy blue, soft purple, and gray.

The lightweight indexing tabs are approximately 1.4″ in length and also include an easy-follow instruction placement guide to help with a smooth and even application for each and every piece.

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