Building Our Most Holy Faith

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Publisher/Vendor: Heritage Publishing Company
Author/Contributor: Dr. John Hobbs
Binding: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9

Lynn Dudley, a member of the church in San Angelo, commented on the book Building Our Most Holy Faith. She said, “I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you for writing Building Our Most Holy Faith, which we studied in our Ladies Bible Class last year. I believe we all enjoyed the depths into which you took us in this study. I want you to know that in a very personal way this study helped me immeasurably. Hope you continue to produce such helpful study guides of the Bible.”


  1. Judah’s Abandoned Faith
  2. Great Faith—Little Faith
  3. “Wait for Jehovah”
  4. The Sin Which Easily Besets Us
  5. The True Source of Strength
  6. Hezekiah—A Man of Great Faith
  7. When Duties Become Desires
  8. “Without Holiness No Man Shall See the Lord”
  9. Things Impossible—Things Possible
  10. The Jesus of the New Testament
  11. There Will be a Payday—Someday!
  12. A Faith That Looks into Eternity
  13. Are Miracles Needed Today To Produce Faith?
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