Catching Fire with the Holy Spirit

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ISBN: 9780974139593
Publisher/Vendor: Power Source Productions
Author/Contributor: John W. Smith
Binding: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 174

The transforming work and power of the Holy Spirit bring us face-to-face with the reality of our brokenness. God has paid for our healing with the blood of His son, Jesus. Catching Fire with the Holy Spirit,” results in a “burning sensation” in our souls that comes in the form of the Word of God, which is summed up in the person of the crucified and resurrected Messiah of God and explained and verified by the Holy Spirit inspired scriptures. This study will help you elevate, fuel, and empower the fruit of the Spirit in your lives encouraging you to share the “Good News” with those around you.

Table of Contents
Why the Title, “Catching Fire With The Holy Spirit?”
Dedication and Gratitide
1 The Holy Spirit and Restoration Thinking
2 The Holy Spirit In Conversion
3 Born of Water and The Spirit
4 The Spirit Outpoured and The Spirit Indwelling
5 The Holy Spirit and Power
6 The Holy Spirit and Moral Decisions
7 Sealed by The Holy Spirit
8 Sanctified by The Holy Spirit
9 The Holy Spirit and Worship
10 The Holy Spirit and Prayer
11 The Holy Spirit and Peace
12 The Holy Spirit and Joy
13 The Holy Spirit and Hope
14 The Holy Spirit and Evangelism
15 The Holy Spirit and Christian Unity
16 Baptism With The Holy Spirit
17 Eight Ways to “Know” We Have The Holy Spirit
18 The Holy Spirit and Inside Out Thinking
19 Holiness and The Holy Spirit
An Apology and Explanation

About the Author
John W. Smith has more than fifty years experience as a teacher, preacher, and lectureship speaker. He has sold more than 1.4 million copies of his books, including, Refined by Fire, My Mother Played the Piano, To the Praise of His Glory, and the Restoration Church series. His speaking and writing reveal an unusual insight into life and God’s word. John is in constant demand as a speaker for lectureships, banquets, rallies, and motivational events.

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