Christian Evidences

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Publisher/Vendor: Heritage Publishing Company
Author/Contributor: Dr. John Hobbs
Binding: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9

The Truth of Christianity Verified By Factual Evidence

The book Christian Evidences is designed to promote belief in the existence of God, the Bible as the word of God, and Jesus as deity! It is imperative that we teach every member the fundamental truths of Christianity so they can face opposition from the unbeliever (1 Peter 3:15). This book will strengthen the faith of every Christian and give facts that verify the truth of Christianity. The book is designed for class study. Questions are given at the end of each chapter that focuses on the material.


  • One’s Attitude Will Determine One’s Eternal Destiny
  • The Need and Purpose to Study
  • Christian Evidences
  • The Existence of God
  • The Problem of Human Suffering
  • The Uniqueness of the Bible
  • The Historical Accuracy of the Bible
  • Fulfilled Prophecy
  • The Historical Jesus
  • The Resurrection of Jesus
  • Proof for the Resurrection of Jesus (2 chapters)
  • The Deity of Jesus (2 chapters)
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