Crock Pot Living in a Pressure Cooker World

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ISBN: LBH0690133
Publisher/Vendor: Lambert Book House
Author/Contributor: Teddy Butler Copeland
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 160

We all want instant results, don’t we? We often become discouraged if things don’t happen right away. Unfortunately, there aren’t any quick fixes when it comes to dealing with stress. In fact, most any time we attempt to alter our lives, it’s going to be a slow and deliberate process. So don’t give up if things in your world spiral out of control at times. The fast pace probably isn’t going to go away any time soon. But just because we live in a pressure cooker world doesn’t mean we have to stay all steamed up and spew out the top. We can turn our setting down to LOW. We can learn to simmer in God’s love and blessings. Apply the principles of this little book bit by bit. I’m convinced if you do, you’ll eventually see results.

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