Fall CONNECT Digital Resources (one per class)

Teen grades 7-12 (one per class)
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Publisher/Vendor: 21st Century Christian Publishing
Curriculum Series: CONNECT Curriculum for Teens
Binding: Digital Resources Access Card
Size: 4.67 x 8.5
Age Level: Teen grades 7-12
Bible Topic: Spiritual Growth: God Is … / Character Development: Authority / Life Skills: Powerful Words

Curriculum for Teens (Grades 7 – 12)

Connect students — to their peers, to the church, to God.

CONNECT curriculum helps you provide a safe and nurturing environment for students to discover the truth and wisdom of God — all while processing what they see in the world.

CONNECT helps youth leaders speak about difficult subjects to young people, including those who may have already endured hard circumstances. Sessions have practical tips and training to help leaders (from new volunteers to seasoned veterans) be sensitive to the particular needs of teens who are experiencing the effects of stress, trauma, and conflict in their lives.

Every student should be able to connect with their church, their family, and their community. Walk alongside them as they connect with God and build confidence that God sees, knows, and loves them.

CONNECT Teen Digital Resources
Downloadable resources to accompany and enhance quarterly printed resources.
Order 1 per youth class. Each Digital Resource purchased can be shared by up to five leaders.

Features include:

  • Video resources for each lesson
  • 12 customizable Leader Guide lesson outlines
  • 12 reproducible student group discussion cards
  • PowerPoint visuals for each lesson
  • Memory verse visuals for each lesson
  • Weekly parent connection materials: text and email messages, social media promotional materials
  • Weekly student connection materials: text messages, social media promotional materials
  • Youth curriculum logo graphics
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