Fall LifeLINKS Early Elementary Creative Teaching Aids

Grades K and 1 (one per teacher/class)
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Publisher/Vendor: 21st Century Christian Publishing
Curriculum Series: LifeLINKS to God
Binding: Packet
Size: 11 x 17
Age Level: Grades K and 1

Four Basic Goals:

  1. CONNECT – All the dedicated teaching in the world does no good unless the teacher makes a connection with students. There must be an activity to draw students in the Bible lesson.
  2. TEACH – The primary goal of every lesson is to accurately and effectively teach God’s Word.
  3. APPLY – Students need to see the Bible as relevant to their everyday lives. Scripture speaks their language and is the solution to their problems at home, at school, and at play.
  4. MOTIVATE – Knowing Bible facts doesn’t always translate into action. Every lesson should close with a call to action.

You can trust LifeLINKS to God:

  • True to the Bible
  • Full Bible coverage
  • Edited by faithful members of the Lord’s church
  • Up-to-date and relevant
  • Creativity built into every lesson
  • Lots of optional activities to reach all kinds of learners
  • Flexible and customizable to your classroom setting
  • Easy to prepare and to teach
  • Great value
  • Tips for teaching each age group
  • Bible background for each lesson

This non-traditional age grouping allows children with only minimal reading skills to learn together at the same speed. The lessons are built for an active, sensory learning experience.

  • Encourages application of Bible facts
  • Unique age grouping for early readers
  • 2-year scope and sequence

Creative Teaching Aids
Contains an attendance chart, classroom posters, activity cards, stand-up figures, Bible-learning games, and access to digital downloads with a cappella audio files and printable files.

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