I Forgive: An Inner Lane Toward Forgiveness

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ISBN: 9781951774158
Publisher/Vendor: ‎21st Century Press
Author/Contributor: Kevin Beneby
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 210

    Sooner or later, every one of us will either offend another or be hurt, or both. It is inevitable and will, most likely, happen many times. Often, we don’t know how to forgive or to be forgiven. For us to be able and willing to forgive when we have been mistreated or abused is very important. Our heavenly Father instructed us to be ready to forgive one who sins against us.

    Kevin Beneby, in his book, I Forgive: An Inner Lane Toward Forgiveness has included biblical injunctions as well as practical reasoning, suggestions, and solutions to help us react appropriately to any offense. His examples and recommendations will be helpful to the reader as the need for forgiveness occurs. Thanks to the author for his biblical and practical treatment of a subject that affects us all.

    Reading this book and following his suggestions will help anyone to be more faithful to God and more faithful to family, friends, and associates.

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