Idol Lies: Facing the Truth About Our Deepest Desires

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ISBN: 9781617950728
Publisher/Vendor: Worthy Publications
Author/Contributor: Dee Brestin
Binding: Hardcover
Size: 5×8

“This is the study to do in your small group!”

Women are being delivered from

  • Anxiety
  • Overeating
  • Anger
  • and more…
Discover the free video curriculum at or The videos include:
  • 15-20 minutes weekly teaching
  • testimonies from women transformed
  • filmed in beautiful Door County, Wisconsin
Anne from North Carolina:
I have grown more from the truthsI’ve learned in Idol Lies than in any study, including my favorite BSF Isaiahstudy.

Angela from Tennessee: I cannot even begin to tell you what Idol Lies has meant to me. I came to it at a time that I knew something was desperately wrong in my heart. God is helping me see so I can be free to just enjoy the family He gave me flaws and all. I just feel lighter.

Pollyanna from Brazil: I’m meditating on what Dee said: “The more I study Scripture, the more I see how this theme of idolatry is EVERYWHERE.” It’s true! And as a consequence, the whole biblical story ties together and makes sense – it’s all about fidelity, intimacy, trust, and love of God.

Rebecca from Kansas: I’ve tried before to be free ofover-eating, depression, and the fear of man – but it wasn’t until Idol Liesthat I got to the root of my problem and am truly being set free.

Cynthia from Seattle: Be sure to do the Bible study in theback of the book. Dee has an ability to ask the kind of questions that make youdig into Scripture, face the truth about yourself, be honest with the women inyour group, and truly, be set free.

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