In Quiet Moments: A 52-Week Devotional Journal 2

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ISBN: 9798357632203
Publisher/Vendor: Self Published
Author/Contributor: Alwanda Fuqua Carothers
Binding: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 128

This devotional journal was written to encourage and inspire those who think they are the only ones who experience ups and downs in their spiritual journey. Each devotion was written in my quiet moments and directed by the Holy Spirit, whether it be day, night, or in the middle of a sound sleep. As you read, you will see that nothing is new under the sun and what you may have experienced or will experience, others have experienced as well. As I share with you, I pray you find the courage to journal your heartfelt thoughts and add other scriptures that the Holy Spirit reveals to you. God bless you and may your relationship with him grows with each passing day.

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