Leaping in Faith

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ISBN: 9780890984321
Publisher/Vendor: 21st Century Christian Publishing
Author/Contributor: Nancy Eichman
Binding: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9

Have you ever encountered a wall or a chasm that stopped you from getting where you wanted or needed to be? Leaping over or across it would be ideal, but that isn’t always an option, is it?

Although a literal leap isn’t possible, a leap of faith is! With God’s help, we can accomplish things we’ve never thought we could do.

Best-selling author Nancy Eichman explores how women can conquer the obstacles in their lives by following the faithful example of the Old Testament prophet, Elisha. He lived in a society similar to the one in which we find ourselves. Righteousness wasn’t common. Integrity was rare. But Elisha reached out to show God’s power, touching believers and unbelievers. We, too, can tap God’s power in a leap of faith.

About the Author

Nancy Eichman is the author of several books for ladies’ Bible classes, including the bestselling Expecting the Unexpected: Women’s Surprising Interactions with Jesus. She is a graduate of Free-Hardeman University and Harding University. She is now retired from a career in education and library services. Nancy and her husband, Phillip, live in South Carolina, and they have two grown children and four grandsons.

Table of Contents

Leaped Over Any Walls Lately?

Getting the Most Out of Your Study

Chapter 1: Offering a Willing Heart: Elijah’s Ministry and Elisha’s Call

Chapter 2: Following in Someone’s Footsteps: Will Elisha Measure Up?

Chapter 3: Taking God Seriously: Jericho and Bethel

Chapter 4: Trusting When It Doesn’t Make Sense: Moabite Revolt

Chapter 5: Seeing the Importance of Little Things: Oil and Axehead

Chapter 6: Cherishing Friendships: Shunammite Woman and Her Son

Chapter 7: Feasting in a Family: Meals with the Sons of the Prophets

Chapter 8: Embracing Humility: Naaman and Gehazi

Chapter 9: Opening Your Eyes: Elisha and the Arameans

Chapter 10: Reporting Good News: Four Men Share Good News

Chapter 11: Weeping When Others Weep: Hazael’s Cruelty

Chapter 12: Checking Your Motives: Jehu’s Purge

Chapter 13: Leaving a Lasting Legacy: Jehoash and Elisha’s Death

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