Lift Up Your Voice

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ISBN: 978194802674X
Publisher/Vendor: TMP Books
Series: The Tallest Mountain Series
Author/Contributor: Alma L. Carr-Jones
Binding: Paper

Lift Up Your Voice is a continuation of Get Yourself Up and is Book Two in The Tallest Mountain Series.

Come learn from Sister Alma how to keep your faith intact when you are thrown way out of your comfort zones. With the advent and progression of COVID-19 many of us felt like the bottom of our world was falling out and nothing made sense anymore, from toilet paper shortages to hundreds of thousands of deaths and the way we, as a world, dealt with all of it.

Lift Up Your Voice reminds us that we are in the spotlight as Christians and that we train by example as well as well as with words. Remember that our voice needs to be heard, and understood, by the next generation. Now is the time to lift up YOUR voice and be heard.

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