NASB ’20 Light for Life Study Bible, Flexible DiCarta, Blush Bouquet

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ISBN: 9781636098722
Publisher/Vendor: Barbour Publishing
Author/Contributor: Christopher D. Hudson
Binding: Flexible DiCarta
Size: 6.25 x 9.1875
Pages: 1384
Bible Translation: New American Standard Bible
Bible Color: Blush Bouquet
Bible Style: Study Bible
Bible Point Size: 9

The highly-respected New American Standard Bible. . .
Notes from Barbour’s Layman’s Bible Commentary series. . .
A powerful new Bible study experience.

This beautiful study Bible, featuring notes from the Layman’s Bible Commentary series, includes a handsome typesetting of the 2020 update of the NASB.

Always one of the most literal translations available, the New American Standard Bible was recently updated to further improve accuracy, modernize language, and improve readability.

Now, combined with Barbour’s clear and helpful study notes—nearly 6,500 in all—The Light for Life NASB Study Bible is ready to engage, encourage, and edify readers of all ages and backgrounds.

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