NLBL Primary 1 Moses, A Great Leader – Winter Visual Aid

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Publisher/Vendor: Lambert Book House
Curriculum Series: New Living Bible Lessons
Binding: Packet
Size: 8.5 x 11
Age Level: Grade 1

Old Testament Bible Classes for Youth

The New Living Bible Lessons series covers the entire Old Testament for Nursery through Teen levels. Lessons cover the Creation; the Patriarchs; Moses; Joshua; the Judges; Saul, David, and Solomon; the Divided Kingdom; the Babylonian Captivity; the Books of Poetry; and the Prophets. Teacher Manuals, Student Workbooks, and Visual Aids help teachers present modern day applications. Take home lessons are available.

Visual Aid: Provides pictures, posters, figures, charts, and maps to illustrate each lesson. Complete instructions for using are given in teacher manual. Order one Visual Aid per class.

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