Old Testament Vol.6

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ISBN: TYL06006
Publisher/Vendor: Tyler’s Bible Workbooks
Author/Contributor: Granville Tyler
Binding: Saddle Stitch
Granville W. Tyler’s workbooks are designed to teach, not something about the Bible, but the Bible itself.Scripture references are given at the beginning of each lesson from which all questions can be answered. Space follows each question for a clear and definite written answer. Words used in any standard translation of the Bible should be accepted as the proper answer to the questions. The author has tried to use direct quotations that are the same (or to insert words in parenthesis that differ) in the King James or American Standard Versions. Notice the extras questions at the end of each lesson. No reference is given for the answer to this question, it is found in the New testament. Special attention should be given it by both student and teacher.

Job – Psalms 89
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